SEO or search engine optimization is an essential part of digital marketing through which any web page takes place in the search engine for hundreds of keywords which we call rank.

Today we will discuss what SEO is and why it is done, as well as how SEO is done and why or how you will learn SEO, these essential issues. Let's not exaggerate.

What is SEO?

The complete form of SEO is "search engine optimization." Once we type something into Google or the other search engines, Google or other search engines shows what percentage results.

From there, we discover the knowledge we'd like by clicking on the link of our choice and visiting my desired website. And the reason that Google or other search engines shows those results, that reason or method is named Search engine optimization or SEO.

Why is SEO done?

SEO is an important part of digital marketing because it helps to increase traffic to a website. It also helps to improve the ranking of a website on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.SEO is done for many reasons. It can be done in order to increase revenue, improve brand visibility and get more leads.

I hope the matter is going to be clear with an example,

Suppose you've got an e-commerce website where you sell three-piece clothes to married women. You must want Google to show your website first when someone searches for married women three-piece clothes. Then buyers will come to your website and buy your product.

The entire process by which Google will show your website for the keyword "married girls three-piece" is what we call SEO within the language of digital marketing. Now you understand why SEO is done?

How many kinds of SEO, and what are they?

In digital marketing, SEO has very different types. But the essential types we'll attempt to discuss today.

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • E-commerce SEO

What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is the type of SEO that follows guidelines and best practices. This includes things like following Google’s guidelines, not using black hat tactics, and providing value to the user. Black Hat SEO is the type of SEO that uses unethical tactics that are against Google’s guidelines. White Hat SEO is a type of SEO, where the intent is to build broad and long-term backlinks through useful content and high-quality links. A typical White Hat SEO campaign would involve promoting socially relevant blog posts, fulfilling some of Google’s reverse keyword search queries goals of “driving meaningful traffic” for those searches. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO does not comply to this principle and instead focuses on quick results with fake links or an over reliance on keywords from Google’s search algorithm, which is a violation of Black Hat practices.

In general, Black Har sauce's selling point lie in its ability to boost rankings quickly without engaging real content production work or building any unpaid links significant enough to pass the "natural" link test. In theory, it can be possible

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO may be a method of program optimization done by following the rules and rules of the program. And if you work in this way, you will naturally get a good ranking. If you optimize your website by following the rules of search engines, you will get good traffic from a search engine or increase visitors.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is done by breaking the rules of search engines regulations. Many people build links artificially to rank faster in search engines. That is, creating backlinks using different software. People are interested in it because thousands of links are often designed with such software quickly. And people do that black hat SEO to make and rank more links.

However, if the program somehow catches the footprint of those links, then your website will be rejected by the program. And program technology is now far more advanced, which makes it very easy to dismiss such websites. And once that happens, it becomes challenging to re-rank the website in search engines.

Why learn SEO?

Why is it important to learn SEO? It's a complex question. Why you know, SEO depends on a variety of things. If you're a businessman, your SEO is often a reason to find out and bring visitors to your business website.

Again, if you want to build your career as a digital marketer, learning SEO is essential. Because without learning SEO, you'll not be ready to provide digital marketing services to your clients properly. Let us attempt to understand the topic through examples.